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19 Oct 2014 (PDT) • San Diego, CA
19 Oct 2014 8:30 AM (PDT) • Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Hotel
21 Oct 2014 7:00 PM (EDT) • Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Hotel

Us and Now

In the face of any pressing need, those so confronted may feel intimidated or overwhelmed.  But we are all invited to examine the options imposed by such urgency, and ask ourselves: if not us, whom?  If not now, when?  Dealing with crises is never easyundefinedbut ignoring them is never right.

This is a time of crisis for health on many fronts.  A projection made by the CDC some years ago that as many as one in three Americans would by diabetic by mid-century has thus far been fully substantiated by the ominous year-to-year trends.  The obesity numbers may have plateaued, but rates of severe obesity are rising steeply.  We may no longer be able to gauge progression of the obesity epidemic by asking how many are obese; we may need to start asking: How obese are the many?  The answer, increasingly, is severely so.

Mortality rates from cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer have been declining for some time.  But this is more thanks to advances in treatment than the avoidance of such conditions and their risk factors altogether.  And as we dodge certain bullets, we wind up right in the paths of others.  Projections regarding Alzheimer’s rates in an aging population are quite staggering.

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