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25 Feb 2015 • Hyatt Regency Atlanta
09 Mar 2015 • LLU - Loma Linda, CA
11 May 2015 • Ohio University Inn & Conference Center – Athens, OH

More Than a GLiMMER of Hope

This is not your garden-variety newsletter column. This is an audience participation exercise. Folks, ACLM needs $244,000* - and your voice- to change the world. Well, $244,129 to be exact, if you happen to have the cash.

That’s the final budget for a fully fleshed out version of the GLiMMER project proof-of-principle pilot I described at our (may I say: phenomenal!) meeting in San Diego. Many of you, I trust, were there.

For those who were not, I shared that I, too, have a dream. Mine is quite simple in many ways. We have known- beyond doubt, debate, or dispute- for literal decades how to prevent fully 80% of all major chronic disease: heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, dementia, etc. My dream is, simply, this: let’s use what we know. As you know if you were there, the audience in San Diego kindly indulged me as I dreamed, and they looked on.

But I am, in fact, no starry-eyed dreamer. I know that dreaming of a better future will not make it so. I know the best way to predict with confidence a future worthy of our dreams- is to create it.

*The first $100,000 pledge has been received toward this fundraising goal.

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