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04 Aug 2014 1:48 PM • Grace Stillar

03 Dec 2014 • San Diego, CA
09 Mar 2015 • LLU - Loma Linda, CA

We Know Enough; We Do Too Little

In my prior column here, I made the case that lifestyle medicine can be an utterly transformative force; but only if we do enough.  Studies of what lifestyle medicine CAN’T do, based on assessments of too little, too late, are not meaningful.

I am writing this on the eve of our annual meeting in San Diego, and suspect you will see it afterwards.  That timing is good to revisit the theme of enough.  This time, I want to make the case that we know enough- but must do a far better job of using what we know. 

At conferences around the country, in print, on air, and in cyberspace, I routinely encounter- as you, no doubt, do- seemingly endless theories and epiphanies about health promotion and disease prevention, competing with endless, alternative theories and epiphanies.  There are authors of books about health (and diet in particular) that refute everything in all the other books that in turn refute everything in that one.  There are claims, counter-claims, and contentions about this food and that; this nutrient and that; this supplement and that.

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