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26 Jun 2015 • Boston, MA
01 Nov 2015 (PDT) • Nashville, TN

Lifestyle Medicine, and Common Cause: Even Causes Have Causes

Presidents are supposed to give periodic status reports about the unions they steward.  In our case, I am privileged to be in that position of stewardship as our union not only thrives, but unites with other, likeminded unions.  So the best way to characterize the state of our union is to describe the recent spate of our communions.

We are quite far along the path of communal effort with the American College of Preventive Medicine.  Conjoining these two organizations in a manner that lends the strength of each to the other while preserving their important distinctions and character has long been an aspiration of the leadership in both camps.  There are some details to be worked out still, but the effort now seems certain of success.  I expect our College to be the stronger for it.

We are an integral part of a fast-growing coalition of lifestyle medicine organizations all around the world as a founding partner in the Global Lifestyle Medicine Association.  We have our friend and colleague, Dr. Michael Sagner, President of the European Society of Lifestyle Medicine, to thank for the heavy lifting that set this in motion- but ACLM has been engaged from the start. 

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