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Treasurer Candidates

Timothy O'Donnell, MD

In my senior year of high school, I experienced severe asthmatic symptoms which lead to missing a month of school. During my first year of college, I read a book titled ‘Diet for a New America’ and started on my journey to a plant-based diet. Within a month of my dietary changes, I was no longer experiencing asthmatic symptoms and my seasonal allergies were minimal. It has been 27 years since then and I have no signs of asthma and do not own an inhaler. Since that time, I married and had 2 children. My daughter, Iris, had a rash at a young age that lasted for months. Our allergist recommended an Elimination Diet to determine the foods that contributed to her symptoms. We were able to find the cause and there has been no recurrence of the rash since. This second incident inspired me to change careers from academia to medicine. Both of my children were raised on a plant-based diet and continue that choice at ages 19 and 17. Since then, my passion for educating, helping and motivating patients to adapt effective and long-lasting behavioral change has increased. With the current growth in supportive research, Lifestyle Medicine is the future of Preventive Care. During my 9 years in clinical practice, I have seen more dramatic health reversals in my patients by using the foundations of Lifestyle Medicine. We know that the current discussion and concerns with Medical/Health Care are focused on the cost of services. I believe strongly that the only solution to this is a cultural shift in medical providers to embrace Lifestyle Medicine at every point of contact to encourage behavioral changes in every patient. Thank you for considering my interest in participating as an At-large Director in the ACLM.

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Quinn Pauly, MD

My personal and professional interest in Lifestyle Medicine is very strong. In the past 3 years I have transformed myself, and my career, in order to live and teach about the importance of Lifestyle as medicine. After attending the 2014 ACLM Annual Conference in San Diego, I returned home with the lofty goal of making Reno Nevada “disease proof”, as Dr. Katz puts it. Since that time, I spearheaded a campaign to create the first and only Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program in Nevada, and we successfully opened the Renown Healthy Heart ICR program in November 2016. As the Program Director, I am proud to say we have the most successful program in the county based on our unmatched graduation rate of patients completing all 72 ICR sessions. In 2015, I became a Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) Facilitator, and we continue to run CHIP courses here at Renown Health. As the recently named Section Chief of the Renown Wellness Network (another entity that I championed), I am charged with creating and implementing other Lifestyle Medicine programs at Renown Health. Currently we are designing a Wellness Institute that will teach the general public to make healthy whole-food plant-based food decisions, exercise daily, actively manage their stress, have an altruistic philosophy, and strive for quality sleep and a loving social environment. Under my leadership, we are also implementing specific Lifestyle Medicine programs for Pulmonology, Oncology, and Adult and Pediatric Obesity patients. I recently attended the inaugural ACLM “Physician Heal Thyself” conference in Costa Rica, and the brainstorming that took place there was invaluable. I have personally lost over 50 lbs. since the 2014 ACLM conference, and as evidenced by the above professional accomplishments, I “talk the talk” AND “walk the walk” when it comes to Lifestyle Medicine. I plan to bring that same determination to the ACLM Board with the primary goal of making Lifestyle improvements accessible and affordable for all.

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Secretary Candidates

Deepa Sannidhi, MD

As an at large board member, Dr. Sannidhi hopes to continue her work on the Education Committee of ACLM, and build on her work in creating the Residency Curriculum Working Group (RCWG). Dr. Sannidhi’s background in community organizing and advocacy during her medical school years with the American Medical Student Association gives her a unique perspective that impelled her to see the tremendous potential of the RCWG to train the next generation of Lifestyle Medicine practitioners. At the moment, the RCWG is working very hard towards creating a dynamic, customizable curriculum in Lifestyle Medicine for resident physicians which can be piloted at multiple residency programs. The eventual goal is to have a residency curriculum in Lifestyle Medicine at every Primary Care residency, and to mentor programs in implementing specialized tracks in Lifestyle Medicine. A board member whose major goal is to advance this cause will be beneficial and in-line with ACLM’s mission to increase the physician work-force in Lifestyle Medicine. As a faculty at a major education and research institution, her hope is to bring those resources to ACLM. Her work with students and trainees allows her to see the needs of aspiring Lifestyle Medicine Professionals. She will leverage these unique skills and perspectives to advance the education and the interests of the next generation of Lifestyle Medicine Health-workers. As a primary care physician, she is able to see how Lifestyle Medicine can fit into the frame-work of the changing Primary Care landscape. She hopes to use this perspective to advance Lifestyle Medicine practice models, working with the reimbursement committee and the clinical practice committee.

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Giovanni Campanile, MD, FACC, ABIHM

I have been practicing Lifestyle Medicine for almost two decades. As a former high volume interventional cardiologist, I have witnessed the disastrous effects of a poor lifestyle on thousands of patients. As Director of the Dean Ornish Heart Disease reversal program I have experienced firsthand the wonderful benefits of a structured lifestyle medicine program on the lives of hundreds of patients and their extended network. In addition as Director of Integrative Nutrition and Integrative Cardiology at a large tertiary medical center in the Northeast, my goal with patients has always been to do the most good and the least harm. This is why I am confident that ACLM is uniquely situated to lead the nation’s healthcare practitioners onto a path to become true healers like no other organization can, and I feel I have unique qualifications to help this movement.

I have recently written two chapters in the first textbook on Iatrogenicity in Cardiovascular Medicine - Lifestyle Medicine and Sports Cardiology. It is my belief that it is “iatrogenic” for healthcare practitioners to omit counseling on lifestyle as a core component of their treatment plan. My vision for ACLM is to work with healthcare practitioners around the world to bring this message home. As the Ornish Heart Disease Reversal program has clearly demonstrated, structured programs that are based on solid research and published in respected peer review medical journals convince both the patients and the healthcare practitioners that Lifestyle Medicine is more effective than medications or procedures to prevent or reverse existing disease. As an Asst. Professor of Medicine at Rutgers NJMS, my research interests have centered on Lifestyle Medicine, and hopefully I can help ACLM support more research on the benefits of lifestyle factors so that practitioners can have tools to convince both patients and colleagues that this is the better approach.

Recently I was asked to help create Lifestyle Medicine programs on a national level for the Veterans Administration. I feel veterans can benefit greatly from structured programs that address nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and community. Also, as a nation we are facing unknown outcomes as our healthcare reform debate continues. It is my hope and vision that I can help bring Lifestyle Medicine to the front and center of this debate via ACLM.

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At Large Director Candidates

Salvatore Lacagnina, DO

I'm honored to have been selected by the Nominating Committee two years in a row as a candidate for ACLM's Board of Directors and would be grateful for the opportunity to serve. I have been passionate about joining the ACLM board for several years, as I believe I can be a significant contributor on a team of professionals who truly are changing the world as they work to create a paradigm shift in how health care is delivered.

For the first 18 years of my career I practiced general Internal Medicine, dealing with all the chronic illnesses we know are preventable. Since 2010, as the System Medical Director for Wellness & Employee Health at Lee Health, I have worked with hundreds of folks interested in avoiding these chronic diseases and cancers; and this work has been personally valuable to them and professionally rewarding for me.

I believe the nation needs champions for health and wellness, of which I am one of many. Health care “reform” can only occur when we focus on preventive health care, work with physicians, other health care providers, hospital administrators, and the public to change the culture of health care from sick care to well care.

In my current role I have been successful on a local level in Lee County and in South West Florida. Having a seat on the ACLM board will allow me to Champion wellness on a national level also. There is much work to be done on the preventive side of health care battle against Big Pharma and Big Ag which send the wrong messages to the public. Certainly, pharmaceuticals, procedures and surgeries are necessary and beneficial; but in my 25 years in medicine I have seen the power and potential of lifestyle medicine in preventing, treating and even reversing disease.

Joining the ACLM board would enable me to work with those who have been leading the way for so many years; it would be an honor to work along-side these leaders as we change the face of medical care in the USA.

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Amanda McKinney, MD, FACOG, FACLM, CPE

Rather than start with sharing my vision for ACLM, I will start with my larger, global vision. As I see it, there are serious issues with both human and planetary health that require urgent attention. What is most inspiring, both intellectually and emotionally, is that a significant part of the solution to both is helping the populous transition to a plant based diet.

This leads to my personal mission which is to impact both human and planetary health, as they are not mutually exclusive but deeply interconnected. I plan to do this by helping to educate those that are entering the health professions as well as those that are currently in the health professions. It is, therefore, my hope that ACLM will continue to take steps to develop educational opportunities for healthcare professionals and make a push to have lifestyle changes become the gold standard for both treatment and prevention of disease. My contribution to ACLM has been, in the past, helping to plan our conferences based on direction that has been set by the Board as well as serve on the committee for educational initiatives. However, I believe I be of added service by providing input to help set the direction for the organization. It’s firmly my belief that ACLM holds a unique position to influence policy and advocate for reform in medical education, which will ultimately have a significant, positive impact on the economic, medical and environmental crises we face.

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April Wilson, MD, MPH

I am passionate about Lifestyle Medicine, having recently started an inpatient lifestyle and prevention consult service line at our tertiary care center. I am also involved with mentoring residents and teaching LM to medical students here at LLUH.

Lifestyle Medicine is something I am passionate about at both the personal and professional level, having seen the positive effect of lifestyle changes in my own life and that of my family as well as patients. I have pursued mentoring by experts in the field, including meeting regularly with Dr. Wayne Dysinger, telephone conversations with Dr. John Kelly and networking with other members of the Corporate Round Table. I have preregistered and will be sitting for the ABLM exam this fall, hoping to be one of the inaugural members of that new specialty area.

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Cate Collings, MD

When I began my participation with ACLM, it was because it was so apparent to me that lifestyle behaviors were critical to treatment in my field of cardiovascular disease and that there was insufficient detailed knowledge and application of these principles in patient care. I desired to be a bridge between ACLM and the cardiology community and in that measure, I have been an ACLM representative to the American College of Cardiology Nutrition and Lifestyle Working Group which itself is in a developmental phase. However, as I became more educated in lifestyle medicine, I felt that my focus within cardiology was short sighted. Lifestyle medicine must become center stage in all primary and subspecialty fields—in concept, housing nutrition and lifestyle working groups in all the professional societies. Furthermore, lifestyle must equally become center stage in nursing and other allied health professional fields. Intensified lifestyle medicine is soon to stand as a board certified subspecialty but in order to center lifestyle principles within medicine, basic lifestyle education must permeate all the primary, subspecialty, and allied fields creating congruent conversations in physician offices, nursing and allied health bedside care, and in the development of healthcare policy.

As chair of the ACLM education committee and with the help of so many ACLM members more talented than myself, we have been bringing to life the core education component to lifestyle medicine. With continued work for ACLM, my focus will be to layer even more depth in education and to bridge our efforts to a wide variety of other medical and allied health professional societies. Once healthcare providers are suitably educated with evidence-based and board-qualified material, lifestyle medicine will become core within all patient care fields and truly transform our health care system.

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