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ACLM Trainee Mentorship Sessions

In 2020, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine is excited to be hosting monthly, virtual mentorship sessions for students and trainees interested in the transformative power of Lifestyle Medicine. We have invited thought-leaders in the field to share their experience and knowledge, in hopes of connecting future health-care professionals with the tools and mindset they need to approach a changing world and profession.
These monthly sessions will benefit all future-health professionals at any level of training:
  • Undergraduate students
  • Masters and doctorate students
  • Medical students
  • Residents



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What is a mentorship session?
Generally, the idea of mentorship consists of sharing knowledge, skills and experience to help guide others. Each month we will connect trainees with a new Lifestyle Medicine mentor to help guide the discussion. The information that is shared will be in the form of engaging dialogue, followed by a public question and answer session

Why was this opportunity created?   You asked and we listened!
The American College of Lifestyle Medicine is dedicated to transforming healthcare and education. By connecting Trainees with Lifestyle Medicine professionals, we hope to expand the practical knowledge and increase awareness of Lifestyle Medicine.

Why should trainees tune in?
Trainees can expect to:
  • Relate to the knowledge, skills and experiences of Lifestyle Medicine professionals.
  • Gain exposure to other members of the Lifestyle Medicine interdisciplinary team
  • Examine how to work together for the betterment of our communities
  • Develop a personal Lifestyle Medicine toolbox
  • Practically apply the Lifestyle Medicine pillars
What will you be able to take away from these mentorship sessions?
  • How to adapt to a changing world and profession
  • Ways to start conversations in the topics you are interested in
  • Build a mindset for integrating lifestyle medicine wherever you go