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Greetings from the ACLM-Professionals in Training Executive Board! Please join the ACLM-Professionals in Training (ACLM-PiT) to learn how you can get involved. Check out our Facebook page for more information! E-mail trainees@lifestylemedicine.org if you have questions.

ACLM Professionals in Training Executive Board

Elainee Poling, MS-IV

Executive VP
Paiyuam “Pi” Asnaashari, PGY-2

Executive Liaison
Regan A. Stiegmann, DO, MPH

Melissa Mondala, MD, MHA, MBS

Anish Dhamija, MD, MS

VP of Development
Marsha-Gail Davis, Resident physician

VP of Development
Paresh Jaini, MSIV

VP of Education
Lucas Shanholtzer, PGY-2

VP of Education
Nithya Setty-Shah, MD, MS

VP of Communication
Amy Joy Sheer, PGY-2

VP of Communications
Colin Wiest, SPT, MBA, CSCS

Board Bios

President, Elainee Poling, MS-IV

Elainee is a fourth year medical student at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in southeast Michigan. A lifelong Michigander, she obtained a degree in Biomedical Science from Central Michigan University, where she became involved with multiple volunteer projects focused on lifestyle and community health, including serving as a Girls on the Run coach and participating in a service trip to help an urban elementary school sustain a culinary arts program. After connecting with a physician who integrated the “Exercise is Medicine” initiative into family practice, she became inspired to pursue a medical career that integrates her three greatest passions: clinical lifestyle medicine, medical education, and community outreach. As a third year student, she founded a Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group and became involved in PiT as the VP of Education. She plans to pursue a residency in Family Medicine and eventually be part of a practice that integrates primary care and lifestyle medicine. She also plans to be involved in medical school teaching and curriculum development. During her spare time, she can be found spending time with family and enjoying seasonal outdoor sports and activities (camping, kayaking, skiing, snowmobiling, morel mushroom hunting, or watching college football), taking group fitness classes (yoga, barre, tabata, zumba), and reading fiction or watching crime TV shows.


Executive Vice President, Paiyuam “Pi” Asnaashari, PGY-2

Paiyuam is currently an Family Medicine PGY-2 at UC Davis. He is originally from Sacramento, but completed his Human Biology Degree at UCSD. His primary areas of interest are nutrition, exercise, and patient engagement. He hopes to complete residencies in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine in order to focus on Lifestyle Medicine as a clinician. He believes in empowering the patient to shift the burden of many preventable diseases from society to the individual.


Executive Liaison, Regan A. Stiegmann, DO, MPH

Dr. Stiegmann is a PGY-3 resident in General Preventive Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) in Bethesda, MD. She is a Captain in the United States Air Force. She received her medical degree from Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine (RVUCOM) in Parker, CO including a military medicine honors track. She completed a traditional rotating internship at Columbus Regional Health, Midtown Medical Center in Columbus, GA. As a former Olympic development level athlete in women's soccer, for over a decade she has been attuned to optimum health maintenance via physical activity, healthy food/nutrition choices, and mindfulness. She has a strong passion for Lifestyle Medicine and the promotion of mindfulness in health care. Dr. Stiegmann's professional interests include positive psychology, health care efficiency, mental health, sexual health, and the study of philosophical, quantum, and anthropologic medicine. Outside of medicine, she enjoys photography, gardening, cooking, and adventuring. She is the current President of the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) Resident Physician Section (RPS) and served as past President for the ACPM-Medical Student Section (MSS) in 2013. As a Denver native, she hopes to return to Colorado to further pursue her career in Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine.


Secretary, Melissa Mondala, MD, MHA, MBS

Dr. Melissa Mondala is currently a Family Medicine PGY-3 at Loma Linda University. She is originally from Los Angeles and completed her Psychology degree at University of California, Riverside. Afterwards, she obtained her Medical Degree and Masters of Health Administration at Chicago Medical School. Her major contributions are health care service to underserved populations in the Inland Empire and in international hospitals. Her primary areas of interest are whole person care, nutrition, and preventative and integrative medicine. She hopes to complete residency with a Lifestyle Medicine concentration. She desires to educate others regarding healthy lifestyles to prevent disease and promote quality of life. She strongly believes lifestyle medicine is where healing begins. She is honored to be part of a cohesive team of very passionate and motivated difference-makers. In her personal life, she enjoys photography, running, traveling, hiking, and any form of live music and arts.


Treasurer, Anish Dhamija, MD, MS

Anish Dhamija is currently a PGY-1 Family Medicine/Psychiatry combo resident at University of California, San Diego. Anish Dhamija earned his medical degree as the inaugural class at UC Riverside School of Medicine and his undergraduate and master’s degrees in biological sciences at UC San Diego. Dhamija, originally from Fremont, California, took a couple years off in Portland and Connecticut to explore different fields, including teaching and research and found his calling in medicine with an emphasis on helping underserved communities through primary care.

At UCR School of Medicine, Dhamija was president of the inaugural Family and Preventive Medicine Interest Group, clinic manager and board member of the Riverside ree Clinic, curriculum coordinator of medical education for undergraduates, and has served as previous treasurer for the American College of Lifestyle Medicine the past two years. Dhamija has particular interests in chronic disease prevention, community medicine, mental health, and the art of medicine. Outside of medicine, his interests include collecting music, traveling, exploring, hiking, running, mindfulness, and teaching.


Vice President of Development, Marsha-Gail Davis, Resident physician

Marsha-Gail Davis is a graduate of UCSD School of Medicine and is currently a resident in Internal Medicine at Yale New Haven Hospital. She originally hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica. Marsha-Gail has had a passion for health and wellness since her freshman year of high school. She completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at Swarthmore College where her interest in disease prevention began to blossom as she learned about the amazing physiology of the human body. In this time she learned more about lifestyle medicine and its powerful impact on health, wellness, disease prevention and disease treatment. She has been involved with ACLM informally since 2011 and formally as of 2015, as a member and now serving as the Co-VP of Development for the third year. After completing her Internal Medicine training, she plans to complete a Preventive Medicine Residency where she will gain the skills to impact patients on an individual and community level. She is extremely passionate about Lifestyle Medicine and excited to be a part of this movement. Her dream is to develop her own Primary Care Preventive Medicine Practice that promotes individual and community health and serves minority population and low-income populations.


Vice President of Development, Paresh Jaini, MSIV

Paresh is a 4th year osteopathic medical student at The University of North Texas Health Science Center - Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. Born and raised in South Texas, he obtained his bachelor degrees in Psychology and Humanities at The University of Texas at Austin. Having previously served as class president, he has now founded his medical school’s Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine Interest Group. He has had various research experiences in the areas of biochemistry, genetics, public health, psychology, and lifestyle medicine. He plans to pursue a residency in Psychiatry that has a strong focus on prevention and behavioral modification techniques. His interests include traveling, kickboxing, running, singing, musical theatre, learning new languages, and interior design. Paresh currently serves as the Professionals in Training Vice President of Development


Vice President of Education, Lucas Shanholtzer, PGY-2

Dr. Lucas Shanholtzer is a 3rd year Family and Preventive Medicine resident at Loma Linda University Health. He completed his Bachelors in Nutrition Science at UC Davis. His interest in nutrition and preventive medicine continued to grow as a medical student at UCSD School of Medicine while he worked at the Nutrition Specialty clinic at the Student Run Free Clinic and co-taught healthy cooking classes within the community. Motivated to keep his patients, family members, and friends healthy, he began attending the annual Lifestyle Medicine Conferences and became hooked on benefits of Lifestyle Medicine. During residency he has continued to strive to learn how to better promote healthy lifestyle changes among his patients. He has also worked with his co-residents to encourage healthier lifestyles among other resident physicians in their program. Now as part of the PiT Board he is excited to collaborate with other PiT Members also passionate in making Lifestyle Medicine the new standard of care.


Vice President of Education, Nithya Setty-Shah, MD , MS

Nithya Setty-Shah is a PGY-2 in Family Medicine at Rutgers RWJ Family Medicine in central New Jersey. She graduated with a B.S/M.S. at Brandeis University in Massachusetts and her M.D. at University of Massachusetts Medical School. During medical school, she performed clinical research in pediatric endocrinology and did an internship with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She has continued her passion in Lifestyle Medicine in residency through implementation of a lifestyle medicine curriculum in her residency program, and through her work with the Professionals in Training group of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine as a webinar coordinator. She is excited to serve as a co-VP of education to help increase the awareness of lifestyle medicine among providers. After residency Nithya hopes to pursue Family Medicine in the academic setting, while incorporating lifestyle medicine both into her practice and into her teaching of future physicians.


Vice President of Communication, Amy Joy Sheer, PGY-2

Dr. Amy Sheer is a second year Internal Medicine resident at the University of Florida, where she also attended medical school. She is originally from Long Island, New York and knew from a young age she wanted to go into a medical field. She completed a degree in Molecular Biology and Microbiology at the University of Central Florida. Prior to medical school she completed a two year fellowship at the National Institutes of Health and a M.P.H. at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. It is while earning her MPH her passion for primary care and lifestyle medicine was ignited. She has spent time at innovative primary care practices across the country and at the CDC involved in population based diabetes research. She is currently the first Primary Care Track IM resident at the University of Florida. After residency she hopes to incorporate her interests in chronic disease prevention and research to make positive lifestyle changes on an individual patient level. In her spare time she enjoys participating in races, cross-training, traveling, and spending time with her fiance, David, and two animal babies, Tank and Cooper.


Vice President of Communications, Colin Wiest, SPT, MBA, CSCS

Colin Wiest is a Doctor of Physical Therapy student at Duke University. His passion for health and wellness was rooted in decades of team sports, sports performance, coaching, and personal training. Prior to school he worked in community banking after earning his MBA. He worked in community-level recreation and fitness during his business training and while earning his B.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Oregon. He is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and United States Army National Guard with leadership roles in both services. A diverse background has bred a passion for the interplay of lifestyle and health at the individual, societal, and environmental level. In school he co-founded and ran the Duke DPT Prevention and Lifestyle Medicine Special Interest Group. His passions include spending time with his growing family, physical activity in nature, and exploring knowledge in various ways.



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