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CME/CE Offerings


Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine

This course defines lifestyle medicine, discusses the evidence base, explains six key interventions, and demonstrates how lifestyle medicine has the power to treat and often reverse disease and provide a solution for real health care reform.


Foundations of Lifestyle Medicine Board Review

ONLINE CME/CE | LM CERTIFICATION PRE-REQUISITE | An evidence-based course designed to provide a review and successfully prepare candidates for the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine (ABLM) Certification Exam.


Lifestyle Medicine Core Competencies

This program follows the recommended foundational approach identified in JAMA to preventing and treating the majority of chronic diseases affecting Americans. | ONLINE CME/CE | LM CERTIFICATION PRE-REQUISITE


Food as Medicine

This course will educate and equip clinicians with knowledge of dietary patterns shown to prevent, treat, and reverse diseases. | ONLINE CME/CE


Reversing Type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance

This course reviews the epidemiology, risk factors, and current medical approach to preventing and treating all forms of diabetes. | ONLINE CME/CE


Physician and Health Professional Well-Being

ONLINE CME/CE | This course aims to promote a health professions workforce that is conscientious about a total healthy lifestyle.


AJLM Journal Articles

ACLM and AJLM are pleased to offer CME/CE for one journal article in each of the six bi-monthly AJLM issues. ACLM members can earn FREE CME/CE credit by reading the CME/CE article and successfully completing the online CME/CE activity.


Lifestyle Medicine Conference LM2022

LIVE & IN-PERSON CME/CE | LM CERTIFICATION PRE-REQUISITE | Earn CME/CE accreditation at ACLM's Lifestyle Medicine 2022 conference in Orlando, November 13-16. Register here!


LM2020 On Demand

ACLM's LM2020 Conference content is now accessible and accredited for post-event reference. | ONLINE CME/CE


The Game Changers Documentary

This film exhibits over 50 scientific publications in evaluating issues that range from protein requirements to how the foods we eat affect blood flow, inflammatory markers, exercise performance, hormone levels, and other risks. | ONLINE CME/CE

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Education Policies:
  • Courses are purchased on an individual basis and are non-transferable.
  • Courses cannot be returned if opened or printed manual has already been shipped.
  • Courses purchased beyond 60 days are nonrefundable, even if the course is unopened and does not include a manual.
If you have any questions about the American College of Lifestyle Medicine educational offerings, please contact [email protected]

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