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AJLM Fall 2017 Issue

Lifestyle Medicine: Evidence, Education, and Practical Applications
James M. Rippe, MD

Lifestyle Medicine 2016: Emerging Opportunities and Continuing Challenges
Jonathan Bonnet, MD

Money Talks
George E. Guthrie, MD, MPH, CDE, FAAFP, FACLM

American College of Lifestyle Medicine Expert Panel Discussion: Implementing Intensive Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Programs
James M. Rippe, MD, Giovanni Campanile, MD, Hans Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN, Christy Gunier, MS, Tom Kostohryz, MS, Matt Longjohn, MD, MPH, Nicole Williams, MBA

Food Revolution
Christopher D. Gardner, PhD, Michelle E. Hauser, MD, MS, MPA

Medication Adherence, When Lifestyle Is the Medicine
Mark D. Faries, PhD, Alyssa Abreu

How to Create a Successful Lifestyle Medicine Practice
Marc Braman, MD, MPH, FACLM, FACPM, Mara Edison, OMSIV

The Art and Science of Group Visits in Lifestyle Medicine
Elizabeth Pegg Frates, MD, Elizabeth C. Morris, MD, Deepa Sannidhi, MD, Wayne S. Dysinger, MD, MPH

A Comprehensive Clinical Lifestyle Medicine Specialty Fellowship Program: What Intensive Lifestyle Treatment Can Do
John Kelly, MD, MPH, Jeni Shull, MD, MPH

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The American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) is the world's flagship professional medical association for physicians, clinicians and allied health professionals, as well as those in professions devoted to advancing the mission of lifestyle medicine.


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