Community: The Heart of Lifestyle Medicine 

Marc Braman, MD, MPH
ACLM Executive Director / Past President

I have always been fascinated with that fact that one's lifestyle habits are categorized into the "Social History" section of a medical history -- smoking, drinking, relationships, etc.  I think this is simply an acknowledgement that our lifestyles occur in the context of, and are very strongly impacted by, "social" factors.  Another way of saying this is "community".  Those people that one associates with, considers themselves similar to, and identifies with are one's "community".  And it is those positive relationships that creative meaning, purpose, and motive force for the health and disease decisions we make in day to day life.  This is the heart of effective Lifestyle Medicine.

"Community," and its impact on us, is also a fundamental truth for health care professionals.  One of the more profound milestones I have observed in the professional development of Lifestyle Medicine was the "community" at our Denver conference a few months ago.  And apparently I wasn't the only one who was struck by this.  Lisa Gregory, ACLM's new Event Manager was also very impressed.  This is significant in that Lisa has been doing conferences and events all around the world for many years.  When I hear her continually say that she has "never" been around a group of people at a conference so engaged in helping others and sincere, that is impressive.

As we start a New Year, and many are determining what they want 2013 to hold for them, I think it appropriate that we share this wonderful, developing "community".  I have asked Lisa to share what she was sharing with me, as well as some of what those at the conference shared with us in writing.  Know that you are not alone in seeking to provide a better kind of care to those you serve.  You are part of the Lifestyle Medicine "community."  May it bring joy, meaning, and purpose to you throughout 2013 (and help shape your life choices in positive directions)!

Lisa Gregory, Certified Festival and Event Manager
ACLM Director of Events, Owner Gregory Event Services

I was beyond moved by the passion and excitement felt at Lifestyle Medicine 2012. I have never left an event with such enthusiasm and admiration for all involved.

As the event planner, I was able to network with conference attendees, speakers and sponsors. These lifestyle medicine enthusiasts are an inspirational, kind-hearted group. Not only did the event improve my life but it’s helped empower the lives of those around me. I can best describe it as a light bulb turning on that I never knew existed. With members continued support and the support of newcomers, LM2013 is sure to be another ground breaking event!

Enjoy reading more inspirational feedback from Lifestyle Medicine 2012.

-    “As a physicians who has been involved in practice and teaching of wellness and lifestyle medicine for over 20 years, this conference was awesome. I appreciated the caliber of lectures provided by national and international leaders as well as experiential components of the conference.” -- Sharon Montes, MD

-    “I have found my home. Now we have to treat this to everyone. This is the best conference I have ever attended!” -- Rajani LaRocca, MD

-    “Ah inspiring interaction of such a mixed group of professionals from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds all passionate about Lifestyle Medicine as being to the future (survival) of our population and our nation. The path is so clear!” -- Roberta Meltzer, MD

-    “Best lectures I've ever seen!” -- Carol Jensen, ITP

-    “I've only been practicing for 2 years. This is the first time I have ever learned about "lifestyle medicine." I love it! Not only will it be beneficial to all of my patients, it is also something I will start to incorporate into my own life.” -- Audra Barletta, PA-C

-    “A wide array of quality, evidence-based presenters.” -- John Kelly, Jr., MD, MPH

-    “As a new practitioner just out of residency, it was amazing to be put into contact with so many like-minded individuals. It gave me hope for the future of medicine and my other colleges who have not adapted to this model for future wellness and prevention in our population.”-- Jessica Stevens, DO, MS

Join us as we continue on our path for a better kind of healthcare. Lifestyle Medicine 2013, The "Treat the Cause" Movement Begins is scheduled October 28 – 30, 2013 in Washington, D.C. It is sure to be even more impactful than last year and a definite highlight in your year. For more information and to register, visit