President's Desk, January 2013
Liana Lianov, MD, MPH, FACPM

Looking Forward
As we begin the new year, the lifestyle medicine community has a lot of exciting developments ahead that will advance our goals. Key to our success is to promote awareness of, demand for, and participation in services that align with empirically based lifestyle medicine. We can achieve this through research, publication, traditional and social media releases, and implementing training and practice tools.  A few activities that are progressing along these lines are summed up here.

ACLM has collaborated with the Global Lifestyle Medicine Alliance and experts in the field to draft an article that demands change to prioritize lifestyle medicine in healthcare. We are hopeful for expedient publication in 2013. Many thanks go to the European College of Lifestyle Medicine who initiated this venture. We are looking forward to additional collaborations with our international colleagues.

The Medical Board of California is collecting nominees for an expert workgroup to guide the process and content of lifestyle medicine training included in chronic disease management CME programs. Pursuant to legislation which was passed in 2011, all chronic disease CME must include LM training. When this process is implemented successfully, other states may follow suit.

In February, the American College of Preventive Medicine, which secured a grant from the Ardmore Institute with the assistance of the ACLM, will convene a panel to discuss the next steps for the lifestyle medicine competencies. When the competencies were published in JAMA in July 2010, it quickly became clear that the next step would be to develop training, tools and assistance for providers to achieve these competencies.

With the recent grant, we are now able to proceed with planning for this next phase of the competencies. The panel of experts will make recommendations for the best strategies that will support providers in developing the competencies. We are hopeful that additional funds will be obtained to implement the strategies developed by the panel.

ACLM will be preparing for the Lifestyle Medicine Conference and media event set to take place in Washington DC October 28 to 30th. This is the first time we will not only hold a scientific symposium, but also invite the general public to learn about lifestyle medicine. Our aim is to involve all interested parties in spreading information about how achieving a healthy lifestyle is quality treatment for chronic conditions. This event is aimed at spurring demand for better care that emphasizes lifestyle medicine. Stay tuned for details.

The lifestyle medicine movement requires engagement by ACLM members, all interested providers, patients, and the public.  Let’s help this movement go viral. I invite you to include in your new year’s resolutions, a commitment to promote the movement with your patients, colleagues, students, family and friends. Use your websites, social media communications and all other feasible channels. This kind of engagement is new for ACLM and has the potential to advance our work in exciting and unprecedented ways. Cheers to an exciting and successful year ahead!