ACLM Fellows

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine is pleased to acknowledge select members of the College, bestowing upon them the prestigious status of Fellow.

The Fellowship at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine recognizes outstanding achievement in the field of Lifestyle Medicine and unwavering and exceptional dedication to advancing the mission of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Those who have demonstrated the highest standard of professional development and contribution to the field are urged to apply for this premier level of recognition. 

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Requirements to be designated as a Fellow of ACLM

Qualifications for Fellows: 

1.    Applicants shall have been members of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine for at least three years and have contributed to the specialty as outlined in the following criteria.  In addition, applicants must have one of the following qualifications:

  1. MD or DO engaged in the practice, teaching or research in some relevant aspect of lifestyle medicine, and certified in some other specialty of medicine recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
  2. Doctorate-level professional (PhD, DrPH, DDS, ND, etc.) engaged in practice, teaching or research in some relevant aspect of lifestyle medicine, appropriately certified and/or licensed relative to their training, practice, and locale.          

NOTE: Fellow applicants practicing in countries other than the United States and Canada are required to provide evidence that they are certified by the medical specialty board or other appropriate certifying agency recognized in their country.

2.    After due consideration, the Board of Directors may waive a requirement.

Prior to application for ACLM Fellow status, the ACLM member must:

  1. Have three consecutive years of membership, in good standing, as a physician or doctoral member, as defined by the ACLM membership categories.
  2. Submit sponsorship letters, from two current ACLM Fellows, establishing the qualities of the applicant and worthiness of consideration for ACLM Fellow status. Past and present ACLM Officers, Directors and/or Advisors may also serve as sponsors.
  3. Demonstrate a high standard of professional development and contribution to the field of lifestyle medicine.
  4. Substantiate a significant contribution to ACLM’s organizational functions, including participation in conferences, committees, press contact, liaison with other societies/colleges, ACLM publication contributions and/or participation in other official ACLM function.
    • Please note that contributions made to ACLM are not interchangeable with other Lifestyle Medicine organizations.
  5. Lifestyle Medicine Professionals from countries with established Lifestyle Medicine societies and a fellowship process are expected to apply to their respective local organizations for fellowship.

Applicants must also submit an updated curriculum vitae that includes documentation consistent with the above requirements.

Each application requires a non-refundable $150 processing fee.

(Payments may be made by check, mailed with the paper application, made online through ACLM’s donation page as a companion to the paper application, or made online via credit card with the ACLM online application.)

All required forms and paper work must be complete prior to submission for board approval.

“ACLM Fellow” membership certificates will be mailed to qualified and approved applicants.

Please allow two months for processing.

Application deadline is August 31st.

Please note the application is currently being revised and the application period for the 2020 cycle will open February 2020.