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Medical School Educational Offerings


Culinary Medicine Curriculum

Providing healthcare professionals with a strong foundation in Culinary Medicine is a key part of educating health professionals to support patients in achieving better health outcomes.


Donald Anderson Pegg Student Leadership Award

We encourage medical students, nursing students, graduate students, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology students, and other health care professionals in training to apply.


Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups

ACLM’s Trainees have started student-led, faculty-supported groups across the country and are instrumental in advocating for curriculum reform. LMIGs are the perfect way to connect, share ideas, collaborate on projects and learn how to practice LM.


Research Poster Opportunities

Abstracts for Lifestyle Medicine 2021 “Patient Centered. Value Based. Outcome Driven." are now being accepted.

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Education Policies:
  • Courses are purchased on an individual basis and are non-transferable.
  • Courses cannot be returned if opened or printed manual has already been shipped.
  • Courses purchased beyond 60 days are nonrefundable, even if the course is unopened and does not include a manual.
If you have any questions about the American College of Lifestyle Medicine educational offerings, please contact [email protected]