Lifestyle Medicine Academic Programs

Below is a compilation of leading academic institutions and programs that acknowledge the critical need for Lifestyle Medicine to be taught. These institutions are actively incorporating Lifestyle Medicine through various levels of implementation including: requiring LM implementation in the core curriculum, offering elective Lifestyle Medicine courses, or by creating and implementing student-led Lifestyle Medicine Interest Groups (LMIGs) on campus.

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Medical Schools Residencies Masters & Doctorates Bachelor Programs LMIGs

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LMIG Resources Culinary Medicine LM Course Syllabus LM Residency Create a LMIG

 LM Track/Specialty    LM in Core Curriculum (M1-M2)    LM in Clerkship (M3-M4)    LM Required Course    LM Elective Course

AT Still University    ★ ★ 
Indiana University School of Medicine   

Department of Family Medicine 
2017 | Indianapolis, IN

Loma Linda University    ★ ★ ★ ★ 

School of Medicine
2008 | Loma Linda, CA

University of California San Diego College of Medicine   

Department of Family Medicine and Public Health 
2016 | San Diego, CA

University of Oklahoma College of Medicine   

School of Community Medicine
2019 | Tulsa, OK

University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville    ★ ★ ★ ★ 

School of Medicine
2013 | Greenville, SC

 LMRC Implemented

Baylor Scott & White  

Internal Medicine Residency 
2019 | Temple, TX

Florida State University College of Medicine   

Family Medicine Residency at Lee Health 
2018 | Tallahassee, FL

Loma Linda University  

Prisma Health - Upstate/University of South Carolina School of Medicine  ★

Providence  ★

Family Medicine Residency
2019 | Spokane, WA

St Luke's University Health Network ★

University of California San Diego ★

Preventive Medicine Residency 
2019 | San Diego, CA

University of Mississippi Medical Center ★

Preventive Medicine Residency 
2019 | Jackson, MS

 LM Track/Specialty    ACLM LM 101 Curriculum    ACLM Culinary Medicine Course    LM Required Course    LM Elective Course

Loma Linda University   ★ 
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center   

School of Nursing 
2020 | New Orleans, LA

Point Loma Nazarene University   ★ ★ 

Lifestyle Medicine Major    Lifestyle Medicine Minor    LM Required Course    LM Elective Course

Creighton University    

Healthy Lifestyle Management 
2015 | Omaha, NE

Harvard Extension School    

Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine 
2015 | Cambridge, MA

Kalamazoo Valley Community College   

Metropolitan State University of Denver    

Lifestyle Medicine Program 
2012 | Denver, CO

Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dothan, AL

California University of Science and Medicine

2020 | San Bernardino, CA

Campbell University
Eastern Virginia Medical School

2020 | Norfolk, VA

Emory University

2020 | Atlanta, GA

Harvard University

Extension School 
2009 | Boston, MA

Howard University

College of Medicine 
Washington, DC

Indiana University

School of Medicine 
2019 | Indianapolis, IN

Loma Linda University

2000 | Loma Linda, CA

Louisiana State University

Health Science Center 
Shreveport, LA

Mayo Clinic

Alix School of Medicine
2020 | Phoenix, AZ

Metropolitan State University of Denver

2018 | Denver, CO

Northeast Ohio Medical University

Rootstown, OH

Nova Southeastern University
Oakland University
Pacific Northwest University

Point Loma Nazarene University

2020 | San Diego, CA

Queen's University 

2017 | Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Quinnipiac University

Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

2015 | Newark, NJ

Rutgers University

2015 | Newark, NJ

Stony Brook University

Renaissance School of Medicine 
Stony Brook, NY

Temple University

Lewis Katz School of Medicine 
2020 | Bethlehem, PA

University of Central Florida

Medical School 
2020 | Orlando, FL

University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville

School of Medicine 
Greenville, SC

University of Southern California

Keck School of Medicine 
Los Angeles, CA

University of Tulsa
Western University of Health Sciences

Pomona, CA

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