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ACLM members are redefining health care with a focus on treating the cause.

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine represents the future of healthcare—true “health” care dedicated to identifying and eradicating the cause of disease, as opposed to simply diagnosing and treating, too often medicating.

ACLM members are united in their desire to be the tip of the spear in ushering in a transformed system of care delivery that enables sustainable human health and a sustainable healthcare system: They share a passion for using lifestyle as a therapeutic intervention to prevent, treat and, often, even reverse lifestyle-related diseases.


Expanding ACLM Membership to Encompass the Professional Team

If you’re a physician, medical professional, healthcare executive or an individual in a profession that’s committed to helping advance the cause of Lifestyle Medicine, then we invite you to join us!

The Benefits of ACLM Membership Deliver Significant Value

Click here for an overview of ACLM Membership Categories. The impressive array of member benefits delivers immense value, making membership in ACLM an investment that delivers a very strong ROI. Complete the membership application today, and become part of the movement to transform health and healthcare. 

For questions or more information about membership in the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, please contact us at [email protected].

Year 'Round ACLM Engagement and Thought Leadership Opportunities

Support the ACLM as a Lifestyle Medicine Champion, or encourage your organization to join ACLM's Lifestyle Medicine Corporate Roundtable

Lifestyle Medicine Champions are individuals and organizations that support the vision, mission and message of the ACLM.  Click here to learn more.

ACLM's Lifestyle Medicine Corporate Roundtable (CRT) is the prestigious group of industry and thought leaders dedicated to the advancement of public awareness, clinical practice and advocacy in the field of lifestyle medicine. Click here for details.

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